Friday, May 22, 2015

We have a New Home!!

The Corvallis Modern Quilt Guild is happy to announce that we have a new home! We have partnered with Oregon State University's Craft Center.  Our meetings and sew days will now take place on the OSU campus in the Craft Center which is in the new Student Experience Center. The Craft Center is a beautiful new space, very well lit and is perfectly set up for a sewing studio! We are so very happy with this new collaboration.  Starting THIS SATURDAY  (May 23rd) we will have our monthly Sew day in the Craft Center. The craft center is located on the bottom (basement) floor of the Student Experience center.  Members please go to the North (back) Entrance (this is the only entrance that is open on Saturdays).

Please view the OSU Parking MAP here - it is updated with the new building location and will show you where you can park

Meetings will remain on the 2nd Friday of the month and will also take place at the craft center however due to OSU's schedule there will be some alterations to the meeting schedule so please check the Google Calender ----> on the right sidebar to be sure.

Won’t you join us!?  We would love to see you.  All members of the Corvallis and surrounding community are welcome to attend. Come see what the Modern Quilt Guild is all about.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 ~ The year ahead

2015 ~ It's a new year, we have new officers and a new plan for the Corvallis Modern Quilt Guild

To start, I've added a google calendar to the right-hand side on this blog page. You should be able to see all the events we have coming up this year.  This will be updated periodically as we change specifics, but you should be able to see everything we will be doing listed there.

Here's a synopsis:

  • Meeting - January 9th
  • Sew Day - January 24th
  • Meeting - February 13th
  • Sew Day - February 28th
  • Meeting - March 13th 
  • Sew Day - March 28th
  • Meeting - April 10th
  • Sew Day - April 25th
  • Meeting - May 8th
  • Sew Day May 23rd
  • Meeting - June 12th
  • Sew Day - June 29th
  • Meeting - July 10th
  • Sew Day - July 25th
  • Meeting - August 14th
  • ***Corvallis Farmers Market*** NO SEW DAY (Details to be announced at a later date)
  • Meeting - September 11th
  • Sew Day - September 26th
  • Meeting - October 9th
  • Sew Day  October 24th
  • Meeting - November 13th
  • Sew Day - November 28th
  • Holiday Party - December 11th (Details to be announced at a later date) 
We plan to update this with specific information as we book speakers and so on for those dates.  So stay tuned.

The Swap idea for February is to make a Thread Catcher/Scrap catcher
Here's a link to some ideas/tutorials so you know what we are making. Remember to bring it to the Feb. meeting in a brown paper bag - this is a blind swap.  

In News and Events - Quiltwork Patches is having Strip club stash buster.  Contact Quiltwork Patches for more information is you are interested.

CMQG is now on Pinterest.  If you are an avid Pinner, please follow us on Pinterest.  I will be adding more and more to this page over the next few months.

Quiltcon - it's just over a month away!  We did manage to finish our charity quilt on time and we couldn't have done it without your help! A huge special thanks goes out to Lisa for quilting it and to Linda for adding a sleeve, label and mailing it to Austin! Without these ladies - this project would not have been done on time.  Thanks girls!

Lisa presented a sampling of nametag ideas - we will be crafting these at our January Sew Day (Jan 24th noon-5 at Crossroads Church 2555 NW Highland Dr.)   She created a Pinterest board you can follow to get some design ideas and inspiration.

Show and Tell:

We had a great turnout at the January meeting and saw lots of great quilts, tops and other items made by our members.

Check it out:

Monday, January 12, 2015

Quiltcon 2015 Charity quilt project

Quiltcon is the bi-yearly conference of the Modern Quilt Guild.  This year they had a challenge to make a quilt for charity using the quiltcon color palette and an alternate grid design.

I thought it would be fun if the quiltcon charity quilt we made reflected our home town so I chose the theme of 'confluence' for our quilt which represents the confluence of rivers that meet here in our hometown of Corvallis, the Mary's River and the Willamette River. This gives a little nod to our roots.  Corvallis means "heart of the valley" so we've added a little heart to the quilt.  

I thought it would be appropriate to make a somewhat wonky and improvisational quilt block along the lines of the shattered slash and insert block designed by the queen of modern quilting herself, Jacque Gering.  We took elements of her block and made ours even easier by inserting 2 slashes of fabric to represent the two rivers in Corvallis.  Each member chose colors from the quiltcon palette and proceeded to make a block or blocks however they preferred using the slash and insert method.  The quiltcon fabrics were graciously provided by one of our members, Dana McCluer who runs Wintercreek Cloth.  

Methods for block construction were posted in a tutorial post you can find here.

After the blocks were returned, I sewed them all together in an offset design with lots of negative space.  The quilt was quilted by Lisa and finally Linda Brown added a sleeve, label and binding. 

Unfortunately, we didn't get any good daylight shots due to our very busy (over the Christmas holidays) time schedule.  Lisa and I will try to get a good post of the quilt at Quiltcon.  Here is the finished quilt:

 We will be donating this quilt to a local Corvallis Charity.  

~ Caroline Press, Secretary Corvallis MQG

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November meeting wrap-up

Can you guys believe it is November already? It's practically turkey day!  Yikes.

Here's our wrap up for the Nov meeting:

Introducing our new CMQG Board members for 2015:

Prez: Lisa Nielsen
Vice-Prez: Camille Ainsworth
Secretary: Caroline Press
Treasurer: Dana McCluer

Congrats to all the new and returning board members.  2015 is going to be a great year!

Caroline gave us a summary on her Sewtopia experience and shared her swag wealth with the rest of the guild.  

Thanks to everyone who has sewn up their Quiltcon charity block.  There is still time to complete your block if you haven't yet.  I will accept blocks at the Nov sew day and at the Dec meeting.  Quiltcon charity quilt block instructions can be found here.  

Upcoming Events

Nov Sew Day
Sat Nov 22nd
noon-6 Crossroads Church
2555 NW Highland Dr.
Corvallis, OR 97330

Dec Meeting 
Friday, Dec 12th 
The Old Spaghetti Factory - we will meet for our annual holiday dinner.  Won't you join us for some festive fun!

SWAP for Dec is a gift which can be anything that you might like to get yourself - totally up to you - there is no theme.

Nov 20-22 10-5 at the Portland Expo Center
Jan 23-25, Oregon Garden
Quilt entries due Jan 9th
Click here for details

Don't forget to work on your medallion quilt challenge if you are participating.
This months challenge is:
1) purple fabric
2) Use a hexagon shape

Show and Tell

CMQG Nov mtg

Monday, November 3, 2014

Oct meeting recap

Oct Recap

Lisa gave us a summary on her Northwest Quilt Expo experience.

Don't forget - Board Member positions are open and we will vote at the November meeting. Want to be a part of the Modern Quilting movement? Now’s your chance to make a difference. Run for a board position.

Board Positions are:
Vice President


      Membership Bylaws can be found here.

      Quiltcon charity quilt block instructions can be found here.  Don't forget to bring your completed blocks to the meeting.  

      Upcoming Events

      Nov Meeting 
      Friday, Nov 14
      ReNew Church 7-8:30 pm
      1677 SW 35th St, Corvallis

      Nov Sew DaySat Nov 22nd
      noon-6 Crossroads Church
      2555 NW Highland Dr.
      Corvallis, OR 97330

      There is no Swap theme for Nov.  

      Don't forget to work on your medallion quilt challenge if you are participating.  
      This months challenge is:
      1) paper piecing
      2) churn dash block or design

      Tuesday, October 7, 2014

      September meeting recap and info

      Greetings CMQG’ers I’m a little behind on Septembers blog post.

      Here are some upcoming events:

      Oct Meeting
      Friday, Oct 10
      ReNew Church 7-8:30 pm
      1677 SW 35th St, Corvallis

      Oct Sew Day
      Sat Oct 25th
      Crossroads Church
      2555 NW Highland Dr.
      Corvallis, OR 97330

      Medallion block challenge:  
      We've changed up the rules a little bit.  If you don't want to make a medallion quilt, you don't have to.  It can be a traditional block quilt, or a row quilt or a Medallion quilt or anything else you can think of.  We are adding different challenge blocks to each month. So this month the challenge is to add a block/strip/border containing:

      1:  Polka dot fabric
      2:  Orange

      If you are making a medallion quilt, add a border containing those elements. If you're doing a block quilt, make 2 or more blocks with those elements.  If you're doing a row quilt, your new row(s) should contain those elements.  The process is up to you.  This allows for more flexibility in the quilt you end up with.   You can do one or both elements, it's up to you!

      The swap theme for the next meeting is 'Fall' .. Bring any item in a brown paper bag to swap with your fellow guild members. It can be anything with the theme – ‘fall’.

      If you are participating in the Quiltcon quilt challenge please bring your fabric requirements to the meeting this Friday. We are making slash and insert blocks in the Quiltcon colors. Please see this blogpost for details on how to make the block.

      New Board positions will open up for voting in November. Want to be a part of the Modern Quilting movement? Now’s your chance to make a difference. Run for a board position.

      This month, our Vice-Prez Lisa showed us how easy it was to do free-motion quilting using the supreme slider and the quilt halo.  I can't wait to try this at home.

      Monday, September 22, 2014

      Quiltcon Challenge quilt block Instructions

      Cut out a square of the block size you intend to make plus an inch or two.  For example, my block will be around 12” finished, so I’ve cut out a 14” block to start. image   Then you’ll cut strips of fabric to insert. The width can be anything. Here I’ve cut 1” , 2” and 3” strips of fabric.  You’ll only need 2 strips  and they need to be at least a couple of inches longer than your block  - 16” long in my example. image

      Place the strips over the block in a pleasing orientation. This is where you decide how you want the finished block to look.  Once you’ve place your strips, remove the first strip and set it aside. We’ll only sew on one strip for now.  Place the strip over the spot you want it to be and pin it in place w/ the right-sides facing.  image Then go ahead and sew it into place right over the block using a ¼” seam allowance. Try not to stretch the seam at this point. It'll stretch easily since it's probably cut closer to the bias and on an angle) image

      Now you’ll cut along that seam allowance. Line up the ruler w/ the ¼” seam allowance and cut the larger 14” block. image image

      Using your iron, Press the strip flat image and then line up the cut portion of the 14” block piece (the piece you just cut off) right sides facing and sew another ¼” seam. imageimage Press seams flat. image    Press the block open.  It should look like this.

      Next you’ll place the second strip on your block and repeat the process.
      imageimage image If your strip is wider, you may wish to place the larger portion of the cut block at an angle to create an insertion strip with uneven width. image image If the block looks a little wonky at this point, that's ok. We are going to trim it later. Finally, trim your block down to the desired size. Here i've trimmed by finished block to 12". image And here is my finished block all trimmed up and looking perfect. image And here is one I've made using the quiltcon colors: image