Thursday, April 25, 2013

April meeting happenings ~

Items discussed at the 4/13 meeting Starfish service project for Family Tree Relief Nursery The Family Tree Relief Nursery will hold their annual luncheon on Mary 9th, and they asked us to help create starfish for decorations. The contact, Marie, says they would like them to each be unique, and can take about 10 minutes each. They need 250 by May 1! Once we get more details, we can bring supplies to the Sew Day and work on them there. PNW Modern Quilt Guild Meet-Up Save the date for a meet-up with other guilds in the PNW -- August 15-18 in Portland. More details will be passed along as I receive them. Oregon Summer Quilt Expo This quilting expo is taking place alongside the Sisters show, July 11-14. We have coupon postcards if you would like them. Oregon Gardens Show This show takes place in January, and I have forwarded the information to the group so that we can plan for it. Monthly Guild Swap We are going to start an optional monthly themed swap! I'm super excited about this and hope to see some fun interpretations! Our first swap will take place at our April Sew Day, on April 27th. The idea is that each month there will be a theme and those who choose to participate will covertly make something at home based on that theme. Some ideas include pin cushions, pillows, bags, mini quilts, kitchen towels, pillow cases, decorative handicrafts, etc, etc, etc. Have fun and be creative! Make something you would love to receive! Bring it to the meeting wrapped in some way -- a plain brown bag stapled or taped shut is perfect. For our first swap, I'm going to keep it simple and choose the Spring-related theme of Green! If you plan to participate, please email or call me by the morning of the meeting with the times you plan to be at the Sew Day, so we can make sure everyone is present when we hold the swap. Monthly/Annual Guild Bee Many are excited about this idea, but we will hold off on initiating it for a few months until we have a larger group. More info to come! Modern Quilt Guild National-Level Changes Thank you to everyone who participated in this discussion and shared their ideas and opinions. I was worried about how it would work out and it went great! As a group, we decided that we would like to officially join the group as soon as we have the numbers needed. We will re-visit this at the July meeting to choose the level of dues, take an official vote, and choose a board. At least 10 paying members are needed and we have at least 7 right now. Meeting Locations/Times/Dates Again, thank you to everyone who helped with this discussion! The decision we came to, at this time, was to keep meeting for a longer meeting every 4th Saturday. Everyone liked the Market of Choice location, and we decided we would meet there as much as possible. If the Market of Choice location was not available, we will meet at the Willamette Landing location. Board Members and Volunteers Thank you so much to those who volunteered on Saturday to help with the many aspects of running the guild! President: Connie Langevin Vice President: open Secretary: open Treasurer: open Publicity: Ellie Larsen (thank you!) Events and Programs: Meagan Karstensen Blog Management: Caroline Press Banner and Logo Design We talked about this and decided to brainstorm individually and talk at meetings but would like to have something completed by August (for the PNW meet-up). Thank you again to all who attended, and I look forward to seeing you on April 27th! ~ Connie

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sew Day coming up~ April 27th

Jan-Mar Filey Blake BOM
Beautiful blocks done by one of our members, Lisa
 Our next Sew day is coming up soon.

Corvallis Modern Quilt Day April Sew Day April 27 Noon - 6pm
Willamette Landing Community Room
3501 SE Midvale Drive, Corvallis

Facebook link to get the latest details:

Please Join us on Saturday, April 27th at the Willamette Landing Community Room for a fun day of sewing! If you have any finished projects you'd like to share, please bring them along, too. We'd love to see them and be inspired!

Don't forget to Like us on Facebook and let us know if you'd like to join our Google Group email list by emailing corvallismodernquiltguild at gmail dot com.

 Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Meeting and informal sew time

Join us on Saturday, April 13th at the Market of Choice Community Room!  We'll have a meeting to talk about guild matters at 1pm until about 2:30pm.  Then, we have the room reserved until 7pm if you would like bring your machine and have some sew time!

Our guild is growing and we have some decisions to make to help it along.  Additionally, the national Modern Quilt Guild is making changes and we need to talk about how that affects our group.  This all sounds serious, but we also have fun things to talk about like swaps, shows, blocks of the month, and more!

If you have any finished projects you'd like to share, please bring them along, too.  We'd love to see them and be inspired!

Oh, and did I mention we have some donated raffle items?    

Don't forget to Like us on Facebook and let us know if you'd like to join our Google Group email list by emailing

Happy Quilting!