Monday, September 22, 2014

Quiltcon Challenge quilt block Instructions

Cut out a square of the block size you intend to make plus an inch or two.  For example, my block will be around 12” finished, so I’ve cut out a 14” block to start. image   Then you’ll cut strips of fabric to insert. The width can be anything. Here I’ve cut 1” , 2” and 3” strips of fabric.  You’ll only need 2 strips  and they need to be at least a couple of inches longer than your block  - 16” long in my example. image

Place the strips over the block in a pleasing orientation. This is where you decide how you want the finished block to look.  Once you’ve place your strips, remove the first strip and set it aside. We’ll only sew on one strip for now.  Place the strip over the spot you want it to be and pin it in place w/ the right-sides facing.  image Then go ahead and sew it into place right over the block using a ¼” seam allowance. Try not to stretch the seam at this point. It'll stretch easily since it's probably cut closer to the bias and on an angle) image

Now you’ll cut along that seam allowance. Line up the ruler w/ the ¼” seam allowance and cut the larger 14” block. image image

Using your iron, Press the strip flat image and then line up the cut portion of the 14” block piece (the piece you just cut off) right sides facing and sew another ¼” seam. imageimage Press seams flat. image    Press the block open.  It should look like this.

Next you’ll place the second strip on your block and repeat the process.
imageimage image If your strip is wider, you may wish to place the larger portion of the cut block at an angle to create an insertion strip with uneven width. image image If the block looks a little wonky at this point, that's ok. We are going to trim it later. Finally, trim your block down to the desired size. Here i've trimmed by finished block to 12". image And here is my finished block all trimmed up and looking perfect. image And here is one I've made using the quiltcon colors: image

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  1. This is excellent, Caroline! Thanks for the tutorial :)