Monday, January 12, 2015

Quiltcon 2015 Charity quilt project

Quiltcon is the bi-yearly conference of the Modern Quilt Guild.  This year they had a challenge to make a quilt for charity using the quiltcon color palette and an alternate grid design.

I thought it would be fun if the quiltcon charity quilt we made reflected our home town so I chose the theme of 'confluence' for our quilt which represents the confluence of rivers that meet here in our hometown of Corvallis, the Mary's River and the Willamette River. This gives a little nod to our roots.  Corvallis means "heart of the valley" so we've added a little heart to the quilt.  

I thought it would be appropriate to make a somewhat wonky and improvisational quilt block along the lines of the shattered slash and insert block designed by the queen of modern quilting herself, Jacque Gering.  We took elements of her block and made ours even easier by inserting 2 slashes of fabric to represent the two rivers in Corvallis.  Each member chose colors from the quiltcon palette and proceeded to make a block or blocks however they preferred using the slash and insert method.  The quiltcon fabrics were graciously provided by one of our members, Dana McCluer who runs Wintercreek Cloth.  

Methods for block construction were posted in a tutorial post you can find here.

After the blocks were returned, I sewed them all together in an offset design with lots of negative space.  The quilt was quilted by Lisa and finally Linda Brown added a sleeve, label and binding. 

Unfortunately, we didn't get any good daylight shots due to our very busy (over the Christmas holidays) time schedule.  Lisa and I will try to get a good post of the quilt at Quiltcon.  Here is the finished quilt:

 We will be donating this quilt to a local Corvallis Charity.  

~ Caroline Press, Secretary Corvallis MQG

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