Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July meeting - meetup with Eugene MQG

Meet Up Details

Where: Sweet Earth Vineyards, 24843 Kyle Rd. Monroe, 



When: July 18th, 2015 12—2 

What to bring: 

 Quilts to show! Sweet Earth has a wonderful area for 

hanging quilts and extra clothes line available as well. 

 Snacks to share! This will be a very informal potluck. 

Any snacky food is encouraged.

 Money for wine! Sweet Earth has tastings available 

for $5 (includes 5 tastes) which is waived with a pur-
chase of wine. You can also buy glasses of your favor-

 Totes to swap! We will be having a swap between the 

guilds and the theme is totes! Bring a tote in a brown 

paper bag to swap with one of your fellow guild 


 Water to drink! This is taking place in July so make 

sure to bring a water bottle of some sort. Sweet Earth 

does have a small air conditioned tasting room and 

the area we will be occupying is shaded.

The winery is pretty easy to find, driving south on 99W go to Monroe, turn right on Alpine Rd (I'm pretty sure I remember a sign saying Sweet Earth, but it's right after Dairy Mart), drive 3 miles or so to Kyle Drive and take a left. The winery is on Kyle Drive about 1.5-2 miles in. You can also get there taking Bellfountain to Alpine as well. 

Lots of people have asked about carpooling and I think that is an excellent idea! The winery has a decent amount of parking, but carpooling will be helpful. 

Thanks and I look forward to seeing everyone!

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