Monday, August 10, 2015

August Meeting

Here's the plan for this month's meeting on Friday, August 14th: 

Happy Hour/Dinner @ Sky High Brewing & Pub
160 NW Jackson (behind Sibling Revelry) between 1st & 2nd Streets

As they don't take reservations, please reply to either the email that was mailed out today or to our Facebook post (but not both), so that I can give them a number when I arrive around 5:15.  

We'll head over to Riverfront Park across 1st Street at approximately 7:00 PM
Bring a quilt to sit on or share; your EPP, knitting, crocheting, hand quilting, or whatever you want; and something to swap.  This month's swap is "swapper's choice" (thanks for the reminder, Tanya!).  Bring whatever you'd like to swap with someone. Just make sure it's something you'd also like to receive :) Maybe you have some items you've made to have on hand as gifts - bags, napkins, etc.

Let me know if you have any questions, and don't forget to reply to the email or Facebook post to let me know if you'll be able to join us.  

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